Julie Erwin Rinaldi Receives Industry Award

Congratulations, Julie!

Wednesday evening, December 7, 2016, Julie Erwin Rinaldi, Syntero CEO, was awarded the Norman Guitry Award by Mental Health America of Franklin County.  The award recognizes exceptional leadership in serving mental health issues in Central Ohio.

Julie was honored to receive this acknowledgment, but only on the terms that it also recognized the team efforts of all at Syntero who work tirelessly to advance the support of those in need of mental health and substance abuse care and the prevention efforts in those areas, as well.


Celebrate You!

Syntero, Inc. – in an effort to expand and reach all populations – has added new inclusive programming and services.  One of these initiatives is targeted specifically at youth and is a group called “Celebrate You”.   This is a group for youth to explore and celebrate identity in its entirety, build self-esteem, emotional knowledge and recognize personal strengths while building solid connections with peers.  The group is meeting on Mondays at the Mill Run location from 5:00 – 6:30pm.  This is a prosocial inclusive space for all and everyone is welcome. Bring your friends and come check it out!


P.E.R.C. Presents – Youth Activities and Sports

PERC – Parents Encouraging Responsible Choices – will present a panel discussion on the physical and emotional aspects of youth activities and sports.  The presentation will be moderated by Dr. Mike Patrick, host of Nationwide Children’s Hospital Pedia Cast series and will include a clinical dietician, child and adolescent psychologist, a former high school trainer and a sports medicine physician.  All are welcome.  This event will take place at the Dublin Community Recreation Center’s Abbey Theatre on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 from 9:30-11:00am and 7:00-8:30pm.  The program is free of charge and babysitting will be provided (fee for babysitting in the morning only).  Syntero is proud to be an active member of PERC and provide valuable educational seminars in the community to help keep our children healthy and safe.



Coaching for College Success Hosts Autumn Book Club for Parents

Syntero’s Coaching for College Success will be offering a fall book club for parents.  The book to be discussed “College of the Overwhelmed: The Campus Mental Health Crisis and What to Do About It” has been heralded as ‘a landmark book that explores the stressors that cause so many college students to suffer psychological problems’.  This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to read, learn, discuss and support each other and their college-bound children who may have difficult challenges with this important transition.  Details can be found on the attached flier.  For information, please contact Carla Lemon at collegesuccess@syntero.org.   Learn more here.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month – Talk Early To Youth



Our Theme: Talk Early, Talk Often: Parents Can Make a Difference in Teen Alcohol Use

Alcohol use by young people is extremely dangerous—both to themselves and to society, and is directly associated with traffic fatalities, violence, suicide, educational failure, alcohol overdose, unsafe sex and other problem behaviors, even for those who may never develop a dependence or addiction. Adolescence is a time of heightened risk-taking and as alcohol and drugs enter the picture, parents are faced with a unique set of challenges. They can simply sit back and hope their kids will “get through it,” or they can take an active role in learning about alcohol and drugs and helping their kids do the same.

It can be daunting to talk with children about drinking and drug use, but it is well worth the effort parents put into it. In fact, research has shown that kids who have conversations with their parents and learn a lot about the dangers of alcohol and drug use are 50% less likely to use these substances than those who don’t have such conversations.

“Alcohol and drug use is a very risky business for young people,” says Andrew Pucher, President and Chief Executive Officer of NCADD, “and parents can make a difference. The longer children delay drinking and drug use, the less likely they are to develop any problems associated with it. That’s why it is so important to help your child make smart decisions about alcohol and drugs.”

An integral part of Alcohol Awareness Month is Alcohol-Free Weekend (April 1-3, 2016), which is designed to raise public awareness about the use of alcohol and how it may be affecting individuals, families, and the community. During this seventy-two-hour period, NCADD extends an open invitation to all Americans, young and old, to participate in three alcohol-free days and to use this time to contact local NCADD Affiliates and other alcoholism agencies to learn more about alcoholism and its early symptoms. (courtesy of NCADD)