A Special Message from Julie Erwin Rinaldi, Syntero CEO

When my husband and I lost my 19 year old stepdaughter to suicide in 2004, we suddenly became survivors of suicide. Sounds like an odd term given that your first response is that you won’t survive such a tragic loss. Losing someone you love to suicide leaves loved ones reeling, wondering what we could have done differently to prevent this awful outcome. all you are left with are questions and no answers to how the person you loved was in enough pain to want to end their life. The amazing fact is that these losses are 100% preventable.

Suicide prevention is the key to addressing this epidemic. Syntero is placing a laser focus on preventing suicide. Please join us in this effort! You could save a life.

Julie Erwin Rinaldi, Syntero CEO

Syntero aims to prevent suicide through youth prevention services, as well as increased conversation and education for parents and school administrators. Syntero also provides individual counseling and support groups for adults, youth and older adults, as well as an ongoing support group for parents who have been pre-deceased by a child for any reason, and suicide post-vention services. To learn more or to make an appointment, please contact Syntero’s Welcome Center at 614- 614.889.5722 ext 133.

Syntero is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization that depends on support from community organizations and private donors. Your gift of $20 will help ensure that quality mental health and wellness services, including suicide prevention services, are available to those who need it most. Click here to make a secure donation.

If you or a loved one is in crisis, please contact the Crisis Hotline immediately. In Franklin County, call 614-221-5445. In Delaware and Morrow Counties, text “helpline” to 89821.