COVID-19 & Mental Health

Syntero CEO Julie Erwin Rinaldi, M.Ed., was recently featured on the panel of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners’ Commissioner Conversations: Coping with the Stress Through COVID-19. Rinaldi and other leading, local experts came together virtually to talk about mental health and substance use during the crisis and to answer questions from community members.

“We’ve been talking a lot about ‘we’re in the same storm, but we’re not in the same boat.’ We recognize not everybody that we’re working with and also our employees and the folks in our community are not having the same experiences,” Rinaldi said.

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Four Part Parenting Podcast

Starting Friday, June 12, Syntero’s Parenting Podcast Miniseries will provide parents with tips they can use to reconnect with their children and help them make healthy choices as they navigate through life.

  • June 12How to Identify Mental Health Concerns in Your Child featuring School-Based Clinician Kelly Dainton
  • June 26How to Much Is Too Much? Excessive Screen Time and Gaming featuring School-Based Clinician Mel Marrah
  • July 10Discussing Healthy Choices, Consent and Other Important Topics with Your Child featuring Healthy Bodies Healthy Futures Prevention Educators Ashley Miller and Julie Doucet
  • July 24How to Creatively Engage Your Kids/Teens featuring School Prevention Coordinator Sarah Perry

Segments will be published on Syntero Speaks, and will also be shared on Syntero’s Facebook page.

Addressing The Growing Mental Health Needs

Over the past few months, Syntero has proactively addressed the growing mental health needs of the community through Telehealth video conferencing and phone services—case management, crisis prevention counseling, psychiatry, student support, substance use disorder and Older Adult services. Syntero’s dedicated staff members have risen to the challenge while adapting to a new way of life; in and outside of work. In addition to efforts to increase outreach and education during this time, Syntero has created a COVID-19 Task Force to ensure clients continue to receive the compassionate, high-quality services they need during and after the pandemic and staff members receive ample support.

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Syntero Provides Support for Clients and Staff Members During Difficult Times

In the latest edition of Syntero Beat, Syntero CEO Julie Erwin Rinaldi reviews Syntero’s ongoing plan to provide services for new and existing clients during the COVID-19 crisis through Telehealth phone and video conferencing services, as well as innovative ways the agency ensures staff members receive support during this time. The newsletter also includes an announcement about an exciting new service offering for first responders. Click here to read the newsletter, and subscribe at

Syntero Beat

In the latest edition of Syntero Beat, Syntero’s quarterly newsletter, Syntero CEO Julie Erwin Rinaldi discusses the agency’s focus on isolation and the loneliness epidemic. The new focus directly ties to suicide prevention, intervention and postvention—some of Syntero’s strategic priorities. Readers will also learn how Syntero has increased its community impact through its Delaware-Morrow County School-Based program, and other exciting initiatives. Click here to read the newsletter. To subscribe to Syntero Beat, visit