Complaints and Grievances

Syntero has a Client Rights Officer who is available to discuss concerns about a person’s experience in treatment with Syntero. Many of the concerns are able to be addressed at the informal level.  If they are not satisfied at the informal level, or prefer to start at the formal level, they are welcome to file a written complaint (non-client right related) or written grievance (client rights related).

The CRO is the point person to receive a complaint or grievance and consider if there are ways to address the concern in a manner that is within ethical, legal and best practice standards. If the concern is related to Syntero policies and procedures not being followed then the staff’s supervisor will address it with the staff member.  Throughout the process of working through a complaint or grievance, there is a focus on ways to improve quality care for clients.  A resolution to the concern expressed may be implementing a change to policies or procedures based on the person’s input. The CRO follows the guidelines described in this procedure regarding time frames and documentation of the complaint/grievance and its resolution.  The Client Rights Officer’s name and contact information is below:


Kathy Ritchey, Ph.D., CPHQ

Chief Corporate Compliance Officer

Syntero, Inc.

299 Cramer Creek Ct.

Dublin, Ohio 43017

614-889-5722 x292

Hours: Full time