YOU Are Not Alone

Syntero offers a wide variety of group programs at all our locations. Psycho-educational groups are process oriented and designed to educate clients about disorders and ways of coping with a specific diagnosis.

Support groups bring together people facing similar issues in a therapeutic environment to share experiences and advice and help with coping. Both types of group programs are empowering and designed to augment personal treatment.

Individuals may be self-referred or referred by a professional. Group programs are facilitated by licensed professionals and require pre-registration. There may be a cost associated with the group program.

Syntero offers Groups for Youths, Adults, Older Adults and Parents. For information and to pre-register for any group, call 614.889.5722.

In lieu of maintaining a long wait list, Syntero has moved to scheduling appointments based on our availability, and actively seeks to fill cancelled appointments. If there is not an opening for a requested service, Syntero’s Intake Department will provide alternative referral source options.