Hannah’s Story


Once a promising student, Hannah began drinking in high school attempting to ease her feelings of depression after the death of her childhood best friend. Soon she turned to marijuana and other drugs – prescription pain opiates, then heroin. She got pregnant, dropped out of high school and pushed her family away.

Theft to support her bad habits led to arrests. Her baby was placed with her parents to avoid placement in foster care. Hannah’s family knew she had hit rock bottom. They helped Hannah realize that she could work to get healthy again with the help of Syntero.

Hannah now receives Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Counseling, and hand-in-hand with one of the Syntero case managers, she is reaching her goals of staying clean and sober and navigating her recovery strategy. Hannah has a job and has been learning how to be a good mother to her child. Hannah’s parents and siblings have seen their daughter and sister become herself again.

It hasn’t been easy for Hannah, but she is determined to succeed. Through Syntero, she receives the tools and support she needs to make today better than yesterday.

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