Introducing the “You Matter” Campaign for Young Adults in Emotional Distress or Suicidal Crisis inistrator

SAMHSA is proud to announce a new online campaign to promote the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, You Matter.  The campaign focuses on the positive message that the lives of young adults matter, even as they face trying times or difficult problems.

Through a blog and social media, You Matter aims to build awareness and trust in the Lifeline among young adults by providing a safe, online space where they can connect with the Lifeline. The campaign showcases hopeful peer-to-peer messages and also supports friends of young adults who are in distress or crisis, providing them with resources to help. Ultimately, You Matter’s goal is to persuade young adults in emotional distress or suicidal crisis to contact the Lifeline for help by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or chatting online.

You Matter includes a website with important information on Lifeline services, how to get help, and warning signs of emotional distress and suicide. The website includes a blog with posts about specific  issues that many young adults deal with, such as losing a job or moving back home, and advice on how to deal with stress and life changes. The campaign already has an active presence on FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr.

Based on careful evaluation of how young adults respond to communication about suicide and crisis counseling, You Matter was developed to meet an important need among young adults, who are often reluctant to reach out for help when they need it.  While there are other national campaigns that promote suicide prevention, You Matter is the first to promote counseling services to young adults. For many young people, You Matter can be a first step toward getting help for themselves or their friends.

Lifeline has partnered with Active Minds, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, ReachOut, SAVE, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, and the Jed Foundation to support You Matter. Partners provide support to the campaign in a variety of ways, including posting information about the campaign on their websites and promoting the campaign to their online communities through social media.

Young adults need to hear that suicide is preventable and that the Lifeline is there to help them when they or their friends are in distress or crisis. Please visit the site at

Written By: Pamela Hyde, SAMHSA Administrator