Syntero Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride

Syntero’s Celebrate You! Facilitator Jordan Allen, MSW, LSW, and Celebrate Us! Facilitator Michael Eblin, MSW, LSW, are all smiles at Syntero’s Pride Fundraiser at The Candle Lab in Grandview.

Syntero offers comprehensive services specifically designed for the LGBTQ+ community, provided by culturally competent staff members. During Pride Month, Syntero celebrated the LGBTQ+ community by holding a fun event at The Candle Lab to provide an opportunity for community members to meet program coordinators while making candles. Twenty percent of all proceeds supported Syntero’s LGBTQ+ programs. Later in the month, Syntero’s Family Pride Mixer provided an opportunity for Syntero staff, program participants, potential program participants and their families to socialize and support one another.

Syntero provides an array of LGBTQ+ services, including individual counseling, couples and family counseling, sexual health education and yoga. Additionally, the Celebrate You! group for adolescents and the Celebrate Us! group for families and friends of members of the LGBTQ+ community offer LGBTQ+ community members and supporters an opportunity to socialize while addressing issues in a supportive, safe environment to lead to positive outcomes and healthy/balanced lifestyles and choices for dealing with identity issues.

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2019 Catalyst Event Was A Huge Success!

Maddy Spielman, 2019 Catalyst Keynote Speaker

It is so rewarding to recognize very deserving high school students for their contributions to making their schools and communities stronger. This year’s speak, Maddie Spielman, shared her story and inspired the students to continue on their path to making a difference in the world.

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