The Syntero NurseLine is designed to support the psychiatry services provided to our clients. To reach the NurseLine, call 614-889-5722, then select Option 1.

If you are a current client receiving psychiary services, you may complete these online forms to contact the NurseLine for medication questions, refills and prior authorization needs.

  • All contacts are read and a response is initiated within 24 – 48 business hours.
  • If we need to contact you, we will call you. We are not able to respond through email due to HIPAA requirements.
  • If you are not available when we call and your mailbox is full or not set up, we are unable to let you know we are calling. This delays the process of responding to your need.  Please be sure to either answer the phone or have voicemail availability.
  • Disability or other form requests are only completed during appointments with your provider. If you are requesting a form to be completed, call the Syntero office and schedule an appointment with your provider.
  • The Syntero NurseLine is NOT for crisis, emergency or urgent care needs. If you are in crisis please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department. Additional emergency resources are available here.

Medication Questions

Click Here – If you have questions regarding your prescribed medication.

Medication Refills

If a refill is needed before your next appointment, first call your pharmacy and ask if a refill is available. It is very important to talk directly to a pharmacy staff member to ask if there is a prescription on file because these do not show on the automated line for refills.

A minimum of a five-day notice is required for medication refills. Please pay close attention to the amount of medication you have and contact us at least five days before you are out of the medication. For refill requests, we will only contact you if there is a need for additional information. Please check with your pharmacy for pick up time.

A Client, Parent or Guardian must contact Syntero Nurse Line to request refills. We are unable to respond to pharmacy requests for refills.

Click Here – If no refills are available at your pharmacy.

Prior Authorization for Client Insurance

Prior authorization requests may take up to 7 days. Once we submit the request to your insurance company, it is up to your insurance to process and either approve or deny the request. If the initial request is denied, we will submit an appeal on your behalf. Once submitted, it is up to your insurance company to complete the processing. If you believe the prior authorization should be finalized, we suggest you contact your insurance company to inquire about the status of the request.

Click Here – If you need prior authorization for medication.