Parent and Guardian Workshops

Syntero offers a free virtual workshop series that provides practical strategies for parents and guardians to support students throughout the school year.

To participate, simply visit on the scheduled date of each webinar. Parents, guardians and caregivers may participate in as many or as few workshops as desired. Participation in Syntero’s Virtual Parent Workshop Series is limited to and intended for parents, guardians, grandparents and caregivers of students who are currently enrolled in school; grades K-12. Click here to download the flyer for all workshops.


How to Talk With Kids About Traumatic Events

Tuesday, October 4th –  6:30-7:30 pm

Have you ever had a moment when a child asks you a question and all you can think is “what do I say to that”? These moments happen more often than we think and can feel overwhelming. This is especially true after they experience or hear about scary events happening to others. Children may have questions we aren’t sure how to answer or find themselves scared about what happens next. Join us to learn tips for talking with children after traumatic events.

Click here to download the event flyer.


Setting Boundaries with Adolescents in the Age of Social Media

Tuesday, November 29th –  6:30-7:30 pm

Caregivers will learn the importance of setting in-person and online boundaries with their adolescents, as well as strategies to effectively communicate and maintain those boundaries.


Introduction to and Understanding Mental Health in Children and Adolescents

Tuesday, February 7th –  6:30-7:30 pm

Parents and caregivers will be introduced to common mental health diagnoses as well as gain a better understanding of how to recognize common warning signs and symptoms. Learn more about what to do if you suspect your child is struggling, and how to connect them with the appropriate resources.


Mental Health 201: Practical Skills for Supporting Your Student

Tuesday, April 18th –  6:30-7:30 pm

This workshop builds off of the “Introduction to Understanding Mental Health in Children and Adolescents” workshop, but is open to all. Participants will learn more about mental health signs and the impact of mental health on students, review key information about the brain, learn practical skills for supporting your student, and understand strategies for being an “Ask-able Caregiver.”