Programs For Older Adults

Helping YOU Grow Older With Dignity

Syntero’s programs for older adults help individuals, their families and their caregivers face the challenges of growing older. There are many reasons why people should consider using Syntero’s Older Adult services:

  • To get help locating services
  • To get help completing medical and insurance forms
  • They’re lonely, isolated and would like companionship
  • They need an advocate to obtain social service benefits
  • They need help caring for a loved one
  • They need to downsize and de-clutter their home
  • They need to find other housing based on current needs
  • They need a health care advocate to accompany them to appointments to ask questions
  • To seek mental health counseling for stress, anxiety, depression or other issues

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact the following Older Adult team members to learn more, or scroll down to learn about specific programs and service offerings:

  • Dublin: Call Stephanie Jursek at 614.301.5645.
  • Mill Run: Call Teresa Wasserstrom at 614-457-7876  ext 214.

Click here to view our program flyer.

Syntero provides home visits, one-on-one outreach, aging supportive services and emotional support for older adults ages 60 and up who reside in the following zip codes:

  • 43002
  • 43016
  • 43017
  • 43026
  • 43064
  • 43065
  • 43085
  • 43212
  • 43220
  • 43221
  • 43234
  • 43235

Older adults who live outside of the aforementioned service area can still engage with Syntero and other older adults in group settings. Syntero hosts biweekly connection groups, which are available for all older adults who reside in Columbus. Older adults are welcome to attend the 50+ Connections group, as well as Forever Dublin events.

Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Counseling

Syntero has a specialized staff of professional social workers that focus on the mental health and addiction issues affecting clients 60 years and older. These experienced professionals are well versed in the problems and challenges of older adults that can result in a significant negative impact on quality of life. Outpatient treatment is evidenced based and focused on the goal of helping this population maintain health and wellness throughout life.

Caregiver Consultation

Syntero’s Caregiver Consultation Program puts the focus on caregivers – working to help find solutions to make the role of the caregiver less stressful and challenging. The goal of the program is to help those caring for loved ones by providing information, education, and resources. This program helps the caregiver wade through the vast maze of options and resources available – helping to decrease the stress and confusion. Syntero’s experienced, professional and well-versed staff provide necessary answers you need to help you cope with the demands of care giving and allow you to better focus on meeting the needs of your loved one.

Call 614.457.7876 ext 205 to learn more about our Caregiver Consultation services.

Caregiver Connection

Syntero’s three-part Caregiver Connection webseries, featuring former Special Projects Coordinator Lucy Smith, Aging in Place Navigator Elizabeth Baker, and former Caregiver Consultant Dan Brochetti, LISW – S, addresses support for caregivers and innovative ways to engage and interact with clients. Click here to watch the series.

Older Adults Intensive Home-Based Outreach

Syntero’s Intensive Home-Based Outreach service helps residents age 60+ in northwest Franklin County serious health and daily living concerns achieve a greater quality of life and maintain as much independence as possible.

Email or call 614.457.7876 ext 214 to learn more.

Older Adults Volunteer Program

Syntero’s Older Adults Volunteer Program makes a valuable contribution to the agency’s older adult clients. One-on-one volunteers are recruited from the community and matched with a Syntero Older Adult client. Volunteers serve as one-on-one friendly visitors, drivers, errand runners, and also help with occasional chores. Volunteers are carefully screened and then matched with an appropriate client. Volunteers serve on a regular or as need basis.

Email or call 614.457.7876 ext 244 to learn more about our Older Adults Volunteer Program.

Specialized Support Groups Focused on Aging

Through several specialized support groups, Syntero provides therapeutic and social support for widows, widowers, and older adults in a community based setting. Aging presents specific challenges for individuals, and the loss of a spouse or partner as well as declining independence due to physical reasons can be particularly difficult. Trained and compassionate clinicians are available to help older adults navigate and cope with this especially difficult time in life, meeting on a regular basis and presenting information on helpful topics.

Call 614.457.7876 to learn more about our Specialized Support Groups Focused on Aging.

Forever Dublin

Forever Dublin is a partnership between the City of Dublin and Syntero aimed at providing resources for residents to make Dublin their forever home. Forever Dublin is a product of the City of Dublin’s Aging in Place Plan, launched in early 2018. Reviewed by the Community Services Advisory Commission and accepted by Dublin City Council, the City’s Aging in Place Plan is a strategic priority of City Council in planning for the future. The plan involves many aspects and future concepts, including mobility and transportation, housing, health and wellness.

If you are confused about where to go to get answers about Medicare, health insurance, community resources and support information for older adults, you’ve come to the right place. The Hub navigators are trained to guide you to the resources and answers you need. Our team is here to assist older adults and caregivers for older adults. Call 614-889-5722 Ext. 810 to schedule your one-on-one appointment with a navigator. Check out the Forever Dublin Calendar of Events for educational sessions that can help people 55+ stay on top of important issues that affect their lives.