Programs For Youth

Caring for YOU with Family-Centered Care

Syntero offers treatment services and in-home supportive services for infants, children, adolescents and young adults. We are here to help.

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Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Counseling

Syntero provides evidenced based therapeutic treatment and counseling services to children and adolescents. A specialized staff of master’s level clinicians is trained in a variety of treatment modalities that help individuals deal with substance abuse, trauma, grief and loss, anger management and other difficult behavioral health issues. The goal of our services is to empower individuals to manage effectively, improve their quality of life, and promote happier, healthier lives.

Call our Intake Department at 614.889.5722, ext 133 to learn more about our Outpatient Mental Health and SUD Counseling programs.

Case Management

Syntero offers case management services for children that are community based and adapted to the individual needs of the client. These services are for Franklin, Delaware and Morrow County residents who are Medicaid eligible or uninsured. Case management services for children can include: coping with a family member’s mental health or addiction issues, behavioral issues, mental health issues, lack of school success, parental coaching, adjustment problems, teens transitioning to adulthood, home safety issues, and social skills. The goal of Syntero’s case management services is to help individuals reduce the barriers that prevent them from reaching self-sufficiency.

Call our Intake Department at 614.889.5722, ext 133 to learn more about our Case Management services.

Intensive Outpatient for Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Syntero offers an intensive outpatient program for adolescents that are struggling with addiction and behavioral issues. This program is designed to help those youth facing school use or possession charges related to alcohol and other substances. The program is evidenced based and proven effective in maintaining long-term sobriety through a matrix model. Syntero’s IOP is facilitated by licensed counselors specializing in addiction treatment. Most private insurance, Medicaid, EAPs, and private pay are accepted. The services are offered at our Dublin location.

Call our Intake Department at 614.889.5722, ext 133 to learn more about our Intensive Outpatient for SUD program.

Integrated Care

Syntero has collaborative partnerships with primary care providers to provide integrated care for shared clients through increased communication, shared outcomes and care coordination. Integrating mental health, substance use and primary care services produces the best outcomes and proves the most effective approach to caring for people with multiple healthcare needs.

Dublin A.C.T. Coalition

The Dublin A.C.T. (Adolescents and Community Together) Coalition was created in 2008 and focuses on substance abuse prevention strategies. The mission of the program is to prevent and reduce substance abuse in our community. The Coalition works on education and prevention in the areas of underage drinking, drug abuse, community support and awareness, and health and safety of the youth in our community. Any individual passionate about youth and creating an environment of healthy choices is welcome as a member.

Email or visit online to learn more about the Dublin A.C.T. Coalition.

Diversion Education

This program provides education for youth with violations specifically related to poor decision-making and actions. The program uses lectures, demonstrations and experiential components that focus on conscious choices, problem solving skills, emotional regulation strategies and goal setting. This intervention helps adolescents and youth explore values, attitudes, and behaviors as well as learn conflict resolution and emotional regulation skills. A referral is required from a local court or police department diversion program.

Click here to view the Diversion Education flyer. Email Youth Diversion Program Coordinator Janet Thode, OCPS for more information. 


Syntero’s Recovery-Engagement-Networking-Employment-Wellness (renew) program is offered in partnership with The Center of Vocational Alternatives and Concord, Inc. This program focuses on at-risk persons 18-25 years of age following release from a first time inpatient mental health hospitalization. The goal of the program is to provide timely, concentrated interventions in a short-term, intensive program with the goal of reducing the incidence of re-hospitalization for this highly vulnerable population.

Permanent Family Solutions Network Partnership

Building Successful Families is a specialized program that delivers in home therapy to the biological parents of children who have been placed in foster care. The goal of the program is to provide mental health and alcohol and drug services to biological parents so they may reunite with their children. Referrals must come from Buckeye Ranch Permanent Family Solutions Network program.

School Based Prevention Services

Syntero provides valuable support to at risk school-aged children and adolescents exhibiting behaviors that indicate a need for therapeutic interventions and prevention services. A team of specialized therapists and outreach clinicians provide treatment and prevention programming as well as special educational seminars for parents, teachers and administrators in area school districts and the community. The objective of these programs and services is to strengthen resiliency and coping skills, decrease disruptive behaviors, provide prevention and support for at risk students and increase classroom success.