Syntero Adds a New Agency Value and Strategic Priority

We are proud to announce that we have added “Inclusiveness” to our existing values of Integrity, Empowerment and Innovation, and have also made diversity and inclusion a strategic priority:

We embrace diversity and actively engage in programs and services that honor, respect and recognize the unique qualities and needs of all people. We are committed to serving marginalized communities whose behavioral health needs are disproportionally worsened by racial disparity, racism, homophobia, ageism, sexism, xenophobia and other harmful societal disparities and negative actions.

“It is our job to educate ourselves on how we can improve the care that we provide on behalf of persons from marginalized communities of color,” said Syntero CEO, Julie Erwin Rinaldi, M.Ed. “We never shy away from tackling difficult subjects and we will be a better organization and more caring and competent professionals for continuing this dialogue.”

Syntero is committed to addressing racism and racial inequity and how it impacts behavioral health. Please visit our Resources page at for articles, books, podcasts and apps that address anti-racism and racial trauma and healing.