Syntero Increases Education & Support for Students, Parents and School Administrators

The traditional 2019-2020 school year seemed to end abruptly for students, teachers and school administrators, as learning, socialization and important events moved online. Syntero quickly implemented Telehealth services to continue its School-Based Programs for students in Franklin, Delaware and Morrow Counties, and also provided innovative education and support via a parent-focus podcast miniseries, virtual workshops to help youth and parents become more cybersavvy and easily accessible videos with tips from Syntero clinicians to help students, parents and school administrators cope with our new normal and thrive in the ever-changing environment. 

This fall, students, parents and school administrators continue to deal with stress from merely living during the pandemic while adjusting to new learning models, as well as grieving the school year as they once envisioned it. Whether attending virtually, in person or through a hybrid model, the start of the school year looks different for most. What remains the same is the unwavering commitment by school district and Syntero staff alike in striving to meet the needs of students and families in the most effective and safe manner possible. 

For many students, academic learning through a virtual platform, as well as, transitions between hybrid attendance models will likely create increases in unstructured time and/or less direct adult supervision. With increased stresses affecting students and caregivers alike, Syntero continues to actively plan and engage through various fronts to increase access to supportive services and lessen overall risk factors. Syntero has closely partnered with districts for several years in an effort to increase early intervention, prevention and treatment services, and continues to do so as classes resume. 

Syntero clinicians also support students through small groups and on an individual basis as well, when appropriate, and also provides education for teachers and school administrators regarding how to know when a student may be struggling with social-emotional needs when connecting virtually and the best way to support students while supporting one’s own mental health. ​ 

Syntero clinicians now offer parent education virtually. Recent workshops focused on school re-entry and how to discuss important topics, including substance use and refusal skills, race and sex. Syntero’s new K-12 Webinar Series also helps parents and guardians support their children during this challenging time. 

Syntero Speaks: Parent Podcast Miniseries